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Hydrate Right: How Much Should a Runner Drink?

In the past years, dehydration seemed to be the problem that made many runners weak. Not having enough electrolytes in their system affected their performance in marathons. This opened up opportunities for different sports drinks to find their way into the market and become the solution for those who need their fluids.

Since running became popular, sports and fitness experts have seen a new trend—over-hydration or hyponatremia. A body that is overhydrated and in action can also mean a low level of sodium in the blood. This could cause disorientation, confusion, muscle weakness, nausea, and vomiting. In worse cases, it could lead to seizures or cardiac arrest.

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Experts from the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and International Marathon Medical Directors Association (IMMDA) suggest that runners should only drink when they feel thirsty. People lose fluids at different rates and to avoid getting into extremes, runners should learn what happens to their bodies when it is time to hydrate.

A cup or two of water is safe enough to cover the first hour of a marathon. Sports drinks can also be consumed in small doses. Finishing multiple cups or a whole bottle might even be detrimental to one’s performance. Throughout the process, what’s important is that the body has an adequate amount of fluids to move swiftly.

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Is a new film renaissance in the works?

Not too long ago, the film industry was having trouble keeping both critical acclaim and financial success. Lackluster blockbusters littered the streets of tinsel town, the result of a shift away from good storytelling and into recreating outlier successes of Marvel’s cinematic universe. Effects-laden monochromatic spectacles geared at an international audience had been Hollywood’s costly gamble.

Meanwhile, in a different arena, the television industry seems to have regained its muse, hitherto lost in the sea of down-market reality programming. The television industry of the millennial era had begun churning out popular and critically acclaimed dramas and action stories with production values that rival cinematic releases.

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But with television companies experiencing a domino effect of losses as of late, the tube may not be able to soar as high as it could without making sweeping changes to its structure. At the same time, the juggernaut film franchises of old, banking on the popularity of franchises past, are experiencing a minor rebirth. Although there have been a few hiccups, in general, the film industry has earned a remarkable turnaround, culminating in the release of Jurassic World in mid-2015. Promising to follow suit are the highly anticipated James Bond and Star Wars films, themselves resilient legacy franchises and produced with the aid of well-grounded companies known for industry expertise.

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What would become of this newfound row of success is still uncertain. On one hand, many of these breakthroughs were from older properties, with much of their success banking on nostalgia. On the other hand, many of these successful franchises avoided some of the common clichés and false assumptions that led to the downfall of similar attempts to retool franchises. Time will tell if Hollywood would finally see its true rebirth.

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