The Three Components of a Good Media Strategy

A good media strategy helps businesses reach their target audience. Using various tools in media, companies can improve their overall conversation rate based on the market-related metrics they wish to achieve.

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When creating a media plan, most companies take the same approach. Three important components are considered to capture the attention of their niche markets. shares these three, which should figure in the creation of a media plan:

1. Define the market problem. It is important to know the exact demographic of your niche market and your current standing within it. Where is your business coming from? Is there product loyalty and to what extent? To answer these questions, good market insight is needed.

2. Create attainable media objectives. This refers to your overall marketing objectives and goals. They need to be measurable and specific, such as increasing brand awareness among the youth or increasing sales among a particular age group.

3. Formulate a media strategy. You should consider your media budget and where you plan to allocate every slice of it. Are you promoting via social media or will marketing take the form of a mix of both traditional and digital media? Are you willing to spend on tapping a celebrity as brand ambassador?

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Over the years, the most effective media strategies have been those that evolve over time. You can learn from your results and other company’s previous strategies. Always measure your results as they can provide valuable data that can be used in future media strategies.

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