Running Rumors: The truth Behind Running Myths

It’s often difficult to distinguish between fictitious truths and well-told rumors. This is true even for running. Below are some running myths that have been debunked by athletes and health experts:

Running is bad for your knees

Some people believe that running strains the knees and doing it constantly will cause permanent injury. The truth is, running is one of the best exercises to achieve good health. There haven’t been any studies relating joint injuries to running.

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Running every day helps you improve

Although there’re no studies yet correlating running with knee problems, running daily do make you prone to other injuries. As much as training is vital to improving your performance, rest days are equally essential to give time for your muscles to heal and recuperate. Another option is to alternate between other exercises and not focus solely on running.

Runners don’t need strength training

Running improves the strength of your leg muscles but doing strength exercises also help. Strength training builds endurance, which is an important factor in running.

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Running requires a lot of carb intake

A lot of people load themselves with carbs before a race or a marathon. While there is some benefit to eating spaghetti the night before your race, some people tend to overdo it, thinking that it’ll help them run better. Muscles can only hold so much glycogen (stored energy from carbohydrates) so too much of it may just become fat.

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