Social You: Building a Successful Social Media Campaign

Improving financial success – regardless of industry – is slowly becoming dependent on how well a company manages its social media campaign. This is not to say that all companies should invest in a heavy social media arm, but a basic online strategy is integral to boost profit. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the population, particularly those who have disposable income, spend a great deal of time online. Recent studies have found that more than half of the adult population conduct their business transactions via their mobile phone or desktop. Money transactions, it can be argued, are done through an online environment.

Successfully building an effective social media campaign should be tailored to each business. Entrepreneurs should highlight both their short- and long-term goals and design a plan based on them. However, there are a few general steps to consider.

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The first is identifying one’s target market. Research has concluded that certain demographics tend to favor a select set of social media platforms. Identifying who one’s potential client is will also determine which social media site to use. For example, LinkedIn is typically used by middle-rank to senior professionals. It is a fantastic tool for these professionals to connect and engage with one another. Businesses that are focused on personal business transactions may want to optimize this by setting up a strong LinkedIn profile.

This is the most important step. Once the target market is identified, the company can take the succeeding steps of informing their clients of their social media status, starting up, taking feedback and metrics, and then adjusting to fit the need.

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