Foot Care for Runners

A runner’s feet must be given utmost importance. Countless miles put all the tension on soles. The feet need to be prioritized even without an upcoming marathon. Here are some tips on basic foot care:

Choose the right footwear
All shoes have to fit the owner well. Even if they’re pretty but uncomfortable, get another pair. The fit is all that matters. Many people injure their ankles because of ill-fitting shoes. Not only that, wearing shoes that are too tight can cause swelling and blisters. If it’s within budget, buy shoes from trustworthy brands.

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Cracking feet are painful and prone to blisters. Just like with the upper body, feet should be moisturized. Applying foot cream after a bath and leaving it out for a few minutes before wearing shoes is the recommended method to maintain the feet’s moisture.

Socks matter
There are thousands of sweat glands on each foot. Lightweight and breathable socks are an investment. They are also the best bet against athlete’s foot and fungi. To keep socks from smelling, washing them with baking soda or color-safe bleach will remove the odor.

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These tips will surely solve basic hygiene concerns for the feet. In case of pain, be sure to meet with a podiatrist as soon as possible.

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