How blogging can work for your small business

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The development of technology has changed the way we get information. It only takes a quick screen tap to know where the nearest gas station is, or what movies are showing, or where to buy that pair of shoes you’ve always wanted. Information is now accessible and convenient, thanks to smart phones, laptops, and the Internet.

Blogging has become one of the most common marketing strategies for businesses, as it provides a platform to post relevant content for current and potential clients. However, some small businesses are hesitant to embrace this technology because of reasons such as not knowing how to start from a technical standpoint, or the time and resources it needs might be overwhelming. What they should know is the litany of advantages a business blog can bring in to help them know their customers, build their credibility, and expand their business.

First, blogs are quick, easy and inexpensive to setup, especially with all the free blogging services out there which can be incorporated in an existing website. Blogs are also search engine-friendly and easy to access if clients and prospects need to search for information regarding your business. Posting news, tips and trends in the industry regularly will build trust and demonstrate your expertise, therefore increasing your authority and establishing you as an industry expert. This will shore up brand awareness and increase traffic to your blog, and subsequently, business.

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Another advantage of creating a business blog is getting to know your audience. People can connect with you and other people through comments or posting your blog’s URL on their own blogs, creating interaction between communities and building relationships. Interactions will give you insight on what your customers want to improve about the product or service you provide.

Starting a business blog is not that difficult, even for the not-so-tech savvy. Blogging is now one of the competitive platforms of business promotion that, when done correctly, increases returns while curtailing spend.

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