Unique runs: Some of the World’s Quirkiest and Most Exciting Foot Races

Running a marathon or even a foot race of any distance is a great test of endurance that can be quite fun for many athletic types. However, sometimes organizers like to add a little flair, drama, wacky stunts, and adventure to invite more runners and spectators. Here are a couple of unusual and unique races from across the globe!

The Underwater Marathon: Lloyd Scott went through this one-time, full-distance marathon at the bottom of Scotland’s Loch Ness, wearing a 55 kg vintage diving suit. Running alone for almost a fortnight in such a dark and cold place, Scott may have very well completed the world’s loneliest marathon.


Image source: dailymail.co.uk

Zombie races: With the undead outbreak infesting our popular culture and entertainment, it’s not surprising to learn that a variety of zombie-themed runs have sprouted up all over. There may be different executions of the concept, but many organizers have actors in zombie makeup chase after the runners through varied terrain while the runners try to protect the flags hanging from their belts from being captured by the zombies.

The Firefly Run: This night run has participants run through the track wearing LED lights and glow-in-the-dark accessories, creating a spectacle of sparkling runners moving through the night. Another similarly whimsical race concept is the “Color Run” that has spawned versions all over the world. The basic concept? Start off wearing white racing duds and end it wearing all the colors of the rainbow!


Image source: wikimedia.org

Safaricom Marathon: Consisting of full, half, and children’s marathons, Lewa’s event invites runners from all over the world to experience the thrill of running through a wildlife conservancy and take in some of East Africa’s wildest residents and most beautiful views. Runners don’t just concentrate on making time; they also have to make sure to avoid confrontations with rhinos, buffalo, and lions.

Those looking for a little spice and added excitement (or danger) to their races can check out these races, or look up the myriad of unique and unusual marathons constantly being cooked up by creative running enthusiasts from all over the world.

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Wearable Tech: Should Runners Get Rid of It?

We live in the age of technology, and physical exercise is one of the many daily activities that have become accompanied by gadgets.

Technology can make us eat healthier, more fit, and faster. Often, however, we rely on technology to keep us going. Seeing our dependence on wearable tech, is it time we get rid of it, or should we maximize its use?

Image source: beatplantarfasciitis.com
Image source: beatplantarfasciitis.com

Wearable technology has done a lot for running as a sport. It helped transform people who were once indifferent about fitness into fans. But newbies to sports are not its sole beneficiaries. Technology has also helped seasoned runners. People who have been into the sport for a longer time can now monitor their heart rates and breathing patterns—which make them more mindful of their activities. Wearable tech also provides data on other sports-related movements like speed, pace, agility, and stride form.

Image source: metro.co.uk
Image source: metro.co.uk

Is wearable tech hurting the inherent benefits of performing a physical activity? It doesn’t hurt to use wearable tech if you know it’s for making your fitness routine better, but if you’re solely going to rely on it to be fit, this could be a problem. You don’t need an iPhone, a pair of Bluetooth earphones, and a GPS-tracking watch to lose weight. All you need is yourself and your determination sans the technology.

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