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Social media marketing tips for your real estate business

Real estate managers and agents are driven by attracting more clients. Especially in this digital age, that won’t happen unless they communicate with prospects online. This quest for new customers should be take place on social media, where over 81 percent of Americans nowadays have established profiles.


One key marketing tip for those in the industry is to maximize their social media presence and create profiles and pages on multiple channels. Being on Facebook and Twitter is insufficient. To expand their reach, agents have to establish their company’s presence on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. The future market should from various demographics and be distributed across social media platforms, not just one. This is a job that cannot be rushed; two or three platforms can be developed at a time, with content slowly diffused on others.

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Once the page has been established, the strategy must be continually improved. It’s not just about creating hashtags, but asking questions like: what will you post that day? How often? Who is the target market for a given post? In this sense, creating well-written blog content for a varied audience would help immensely, which you would then link to your social media pages.

Make good use of visuals. A block of text isn’t as attractive to read without images. You could consider hiring your own professional photographer for great shots of the properties you’re selling. Again, eye-candy add-ons go a long way in attracting customers. In line with this, go the extra mile and complement your stunning photos with occasional videos, where you can, for example, talk about tips and insights on how to buy homes or how to select the best property based on one’s budget.

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What Are The Elements Of Business Development?

The definition of business development seems to be as elusive to the definition as a catfish in a fast-moving stream. Business development, like many other things, has a lot of different aspects; it’s just that some people take these elements and call each of them “biz dev.” It can have something to do with sales, building relationships, establishing new markets, and streamlining existing processes. It’s just a question of what needs to be done in the present even if that means doing two or more at the same time.

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A new business, for example, needs to take stock of where it wants to go and what it wants to achieve. It needs to concentrate on the nitty-gritty of growing a successful business succeed and allowing it to continue to expand and exceed its triumphs.

This means focusing on some basics: cost savings, capacity building, sales, networking and making strategic partnerships. It also calls for managing crucial elements: product development, supply chains, customer care, and even dealing with vendors.

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All of these should focus on being able to sustain long-term value for a company. This means being able to stay in chosen markets, reaching the right customers, delivering the expected and agreed upon product or service, making sure that necessary support systems and infrastructure are always ready, and, most importantly, ensuring that any opportunity taken advantage of will create even more opportunities over the long-term.

These are the things that Steven Rindner deals with on a daily basis. He’s worked with media, technology, real estate, and health care to make sure these businesses succeed. For more business insights, click here .