What are the hardest marathons in the world?

Image source: mnn.com

Nothing pushes the limits of a person than a marathon. It takes months of training just to prepare for such an event, and conditions during the race can be brutal. Some people run marathons for the thrill, while others seek to accomplish what very few are able to do so. Among the many marathons held every year, there are those who are insanely difficult. Here are some of the hardest marathons in the world.

Badwater Ultramarathon

Considered to be the toughest footrace on earth, Badwater is a grueling 135 stretch that passes through Death Valley and is held in the summer. It covers three mountain ranges, which total 14,600 feet of cumulative ascent and 6,100 feet of collective descent. To enter this ultramarathon, runners need to complete the Badwater Salton Sea race, an 81-mile non-stop running that begins below sea level and ends at the top of the Palomar Mountain.

Image source: mnn.com

Jungle Ultra

Not everyone can run 142.6 miles on the road. And even less can do so in the Peruvian jungle. The race features some of the harshest racing conditions such as 100 percent humidity, elevation changes of up to 9,000 feet, and about 70 river crossings altogether. However, the race does preview rare sights like indigenous villages, incredible scenery, and wildlife.

Marathon de Sables

Certain elements make specific ultramarathons difficult. For the Marathon des Sables, it’s all about running 156 miles through the Sahara desert. Racers claim that the event was the equivalent of running five and a half marathons in five to six days, all done in 100-degree heat.

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