Growing a network for business: A few pointers

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One of the most important aspects of any business is its network. Building that network takes a lot of skill. It doesn’t take much money to build a business network, however, when done correctly, it could be one of the most effective marketing techniques.



Here are some tips from business experts on growing a network.

· People who are trying to grow their network should be honest and truthful. Other people would naturally trust those who lay it all on the table.

· When trying to build a business network, entrepreneurs shouldn’t join just any group. There are thousands of groups out there. Joining the wrong one is a waste of time. Instead entrepreneurs should move toward a group of like-minded individuals willing to help each other.

· If people who are building their network join an online group and are asked to hold a position such as a leader, sponsor, or administrator, they should jump at this opportunity. A position in an organization allows people with businesses more access to other individuals. What’s more, there’s an automatic trust that develops for a person in position.

· In the midst of growing a network, businesses may receive referrals and leads from friends and acquaintances of the company. Follow up on the referral and keep the sources in the know. Be appreciative.

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Can you think of other ways to grow a business network? Sound off in the comments below.

A graduate of the University of Delaware and St. John’s University School of Law, Steven Rindner has served in various companies across different industries. He is also a fan of marathon running. To know more about marathon running, visit this website.


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