How To Make Amazing Virtual Real Estate Tours

Virtual real estate tours are great for agents or developers who want to show more of their property instead of just having clients look at static photos. However, one does not simply take out their smartphone, open the camera, and press record. A lot goes on when making virtual real estate tours and publishing a video that can put off potential clients should be avoided. Here are some tips on how to make amazing virtual real estate tours.

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First, a virtual tour is not the same as a video tour. A virtual tour can be a series of videos the viewers can navigate by themselves and is not just one long video detailing the property.

When making the video, make sure your audience isn’t looking for an empty home. Provide proper staging by placing minimalist furniture in the areas that will be filmed. This gives audiences perspectives like how a queen-sized bed would look in the bedroom.

When making the video, opt for bright, consistent lighting throughout the property. It also helps to use natural light from windows to make the room come to life.

Lastly, try to capture point of view angles. This can be a series of shots showing different angles of the same subject. For example, a living room can be shown from the point of view of someone walking into the living room, a person sitting on the couch, and so on.

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Steven Rindner is a business and corporate development executive with expertise in media, technology, real estate services, and healthcare businesses. He is also one of the boards of directors of the Charles E. Smith Life Communities and the Winston Churchill HS Educational Foundation. For more real estate reads, visit this page.


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