Integrated Marketing Communication: Why You Should Embrace It

Today’s business environment requires both traditional and digital media to get better results from campaigns and promotion. Marketing communications executives are integrating various media tools to provide clarity, consistency, and maximum exposure to their brand messaging.

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From mass media to specialized media, this approach called Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) helps businesses achieve their communications objective. And it’s just not a buzzword. For years, well-known brands in various industries have delivered an integrated message across all appropriate channels.

A noteworthy proponent is Coca-Cola, which in 2006 used IMC to launch a campaign celebrating its 125th foundation. With the new brand message “Taste the Coke side of life,” the soda company utilized various marketing strategies, including advertising through quad-media, direct marketing through partnerships, and social media by launching an interactive and entertaining website.

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Through this, Coke was successful in delivering its message not only to its consumers but also to the general public, who doesn’t necessarily have the same attitude toward the brand.

As exemplified by the campaign, integrating a brand’s marketing message and using both online and offline platforms can increase not only the visibility of a brand but also its message. Using IMC can help companies tell their stories in different mediums, which in turn could increase profits and elevate the brand reputation.

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