Leadership road map: Turning employees into leaders


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Staying on top of the game is what company leaders do. However, they have to face the inevitable somewhere along the way. Whether they get a promotion, a resignation, or a transfer, respectable leaders always have an exit plan. Among these is to train people to fill in their roles when they leave. This is beneficial not only to exiting leaders but also for the betterment of the careers of those who are left behind.

Leaders have to prepare employees for leadership roles because even high-potential employees cannot do it on their own. The stage has to be set for them to assume a new position. A proven way to push people to higher performance is through leadership training programs that suit a company’s culture and environment. The use of varied training modalities is important to engage employees. Once is not enough; hence, there’s a need for take-away materials and follow-up instructions for continuity.


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Meanwhile, Forbes provides five ways to hone employees’ leadership skills. They are as follows:

1. Teaching them networking skills
2. Showing and giving them the right experience
3. Giving them room to find solutions to situations themselves
4. Doing the mentor-mentee progression
5. Instilling in them the value of an ‘ownership mentality’

Leaders’ mentality must be cognizant of the fact that telling people to lead is totally different from teaching them how to actually lead.


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